Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Couponer Tip of the Week, and New Coupon Contest!

I am going to start posting a 'Tip of the Week' for all you couponers!  This week's tip is about emails.

Tip #1-
Set up an email account just for couponing and freebie sites.  At first, my regular email was bombarded with company and store emails, and I was getting so overwhelmed!  Now, I have all my emails sent to a separate account I set up just for my couponing stuff.  I try to log onto it a few times a week and weed through it.  It saves me the aggravation of looking through 100 emails to find the one my mom sent!

New Contest!
What couponing tips do you want to share?  Leave me a comment below, or on my Lovin Those Coupons Facebook Page!  Requirements: 'Like' my facebook page.  (Lovin Those Coupons). Then, if your tip is chosen as my featured coupon tip, I'll send you an envelope full of various coupons right to your house!!

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