Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How to shop at CVS

CVS is one of my favorite stores to shop in.  Their rewards program is relatively easy to understand, and they have great deals!  If you have a CVS near you, this is probably the first store you should try your couponing skills in.

There are a few things to note if you want to shop at CVS:

1. Extra Care Card- Apply for an ExtraCare card!  You can fill out the free application at the checkout in just a minute or two.  The cashier will give you a card.  ALWAYS bring your card when you go shopping.

2. Use Register your card online at  CVS often sends out promotional coupons via email for amounts like $4 off a $20 purchase.  While you are there sign up for the Beauty Care Club.  Every $50 dollars you spend in beauty products (this includes shampoo and shaving cream gentlemen!), you get $5 to spend on a future order!

3. Extra Care Bucks- Buy items which give you Extra Care Bucks (ECB's) .  ECB's will print at the bottom of your receipt when you buy an eligible product.  They are just like CVS CASH, and can be used to buy anything in the store, IN ADDITION to your coupons.  (*Note-If you ever lose your ECB, you can go online to your CVS account and print them from your computer.)

4. Rolling-  "Roll" your ECB for maximum savings.  Rolling is when you use an ECB to purchase another item that will generate another ECB! 

Example scenario:
*If the weekly deals were deodorant 2/$5, get a $2 ECB, and purchase a razor for $9, get a $3 ECB.*

Transaction 1-
Purchase 2 deodorants for $5, get a $2 ECB (if you are smart, you would use 2 $1 manufacturers coupons on the deodorants), and pay only $3!  $5-$2 coupons=$3, get $2 ECB

Transaction 2-
Purchase a razor for $9, use a $4 manufacturers coupon (now total is $5), and use the $2 ECB from transaction 1, for a total of $3! Plus get a new $3 ECB!  $9-$4 coupon=$5-$2 ECB= $3, get $3 ECB for next week's shopping trip!

Total cost of merchandise before coupons: $14, you spent $6 and earn $3 for your next trip!

5. Green Bag Tag-Get yourself a Green Bag Tag, and put it on a reusable shopping bag.  Keep this bag in your car and use it every time you go to CVS!  They will scan it at the register, and every fourth trip, you will get a $1 ECB, just from using a reusable bag! (Note: This only registers one time daily, so it is pointless to scan it more than once if you do multiple transactions in one trip.)

6. Red Box- CVS has a red box price checker.  Find yours in your store!  Every time you go to CVS, scan your CVS card, and you will get CVS store coupons that you can stack with manufacturers coupons!  I once got a $1 off Gillette body wash, and was able to use it with a $2 off Gillette body wash manufacturers coupon, for $3 in savings!  Sometimes the coupons are so good you will get a free or really cheap item!  I will try to post the coupons that the red box is spitting out each week, so you have a heads up on what you might get!  Some coupons are completely random, and others will print for everyone.


  1. Just found your site! CVS! LOVE EM! Last night, i bought Covergirl 3 color eye shadow ($5.89) and Covergirl 4 color eye shadow ($5.99) Total $12.59 w/tax ---Used $8/2 manuf. coupon. Paid $4.12 and received a $3 Extra Bucks!

    I'm HOOKED!! Thanks for your help on your site!