Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How to shop at Rite Aid:

Rite Aid is one of my favorite stores to shop in.  Their coupon policies are pretty easy to understand, and they have great deals!

Before you shop at Rite Aid, you need to visit the nearest cashier and get a Wellness Card.  All of the prices you see in the sales ads are based on this card.  If you don't have one, you will pay much more out of pocket, and you will miss all the other advantages I will discuss below!

There are three things you really need to understand to maximize your savings at Rite Aid.

1. +UPS: Ups are like cash that print out at the end of your receipt.  You may see something in an ad advertised for $8, minus $2 +UP, total $6.  You don't get your +UP reward until after you buy the item, so you can't use it on the item you just purchased.  Maximize your savings by 'rolling' your +Ups.  Rolling is when you use an up you received to buy another item, and receive a new +Up from that item. 

Here's an example:
Buy a toothbrush for $3.  Use a $1 coupon from the paper.  Pay $2.  Receive a $1 +Up. 

IN A NEW TRANSACTION: Buy deodorant for $2.50.  Use a 75 cent coupon.  Give the cashier your $1 +Up from the toothbrush.  Pay 75 cents.  Receive a new $1 +Up.

Not all items carry +Ups.  Check your sales ad, or come back to lovinthosecoupons to see the weekly promotional +Ups items!

2. Video Values- Video values are special Rite Aid coupons that you can pair with a manufacturer's coupon to score additional savings!   If you register your wellness card (see above) at riteaid.com, you can log in at riteaid.adperk.com to access these extra coupons.  All you do is watch a quick video (usually 30-60 seconds), and you are rewarded with a coupon you can print right from home!  They are good for the current month and one month later, so you should try to watch all the videos of products you might buy. 

Here's how a video value coupon scenario would work:

Buy Veet Hair removal 5.99.  Use a 2.00 VV coupon, AND a 3.00 manufacturer's coupon.  Pay just 99 cents!

3. SCRs- SCRs (or Single Check Rebates), are the easiest rebates I have ever submitted.  There is no need to copy a receipt and mail it via snail-mail.

Here's what you do:
Buy an item listed under the monthly SCRs booklet which can be found on Rite Aid's website or in the ad shelf at your store.  (Check carefully as some offer rebates only during a specific week.)  Log on to riteaid.com and click the Single Check Rebate tab on the left.  Enter your receipt number, store number, and transaction number from your receipt. The website will automatically check your purchase for any qualifying rebate items.  When you have purchased all of your rebate items for the month, submit 'request check' to Rite Aid, and they will mail you your rebate check in the mail!  No postage required!

Final note-
There is always a little trial and error involved when venturing into a new store and trying to reach maximum savings.  Expect to make mistakes at first, and learn from them.  Couponing should be fun!  Enjoy yourself and your new savings!

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