Thursday, September 29, 2011

Couponing Tip of the Week

I made a rookie mistake at Price Chopper yesterday.  I took a trip after work, had my list and my coupons in an envelope, (binder at home), and headed out to the store.  When I got to the checkout, lo and behold, I forgot my Paseo Paper towel $1 coupon!  I decided not to get them, as I'll probably head back to Price Chopper again this weekend.

Tip: Double check your list to make sure you have all of your coupons right before you check out.  It is not fun to buy an item and realize you forgot to take out a coupon at checkout!  There have been a few times I thought I had everything together, and as I matched up each item to its coupon, I had left a few out. 

Now I usually pull my cart to the side of an empty area at the grocery store, match up each item to its coupon, throw any planned to use but unused coupons in my 'need to file' holder, and then head to checkout.  I don't want to accidentally take out a coupon of something I didn't buy (happens when they are out of the item), and I don't want to pay more for an item I have a coupon for.  No matter how prepared you are, ALWAYS double check right before checkout.  :) 

Happy Shopping!

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