Friday, September 30, 2011

It's Mega Swagbucks Day!!

Friday is Mega Swagbucks Day!  Sign up for swagbucks HERE, and start earning points now! Every time I go online, instead of entering a web address directly, I installed a swagbucks toolbar and I search for the site, and enter it through swagbucks.  I even search for google under swagbucks and click the site rather than just entering!  About every 5th time (or so) I do a search, I earn between 5 and 15 swagbucks, and occasionally get 50 or more!

By doing this everytime I use the internet, I have earned almost 1,700 swagbucks!  You can redeem your swagbucks for giftcards to retailers such as, Barnes & Noble, travelocity, Home Depot, Macy's, zappos,and my favorite, CVS!! (I actually have enough for a $10 CVS card, but I am saving for the $25 one!)

Sign up now, and start working your way to FREE MONEY!!

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