Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Price Chopper Catalina info

Just a little information about the spend $20 in Labels for Education products, get $5 off your next order.  The $20 price is based on shelf prices of the included items.  For example, the Campbell's gravy is on sale for 2/$1.  The shelf price is $1.59 (ymmv).  I went in today and bought 14 gravy cans, for a total of $7. The shelf price of the gravy was 14x$1.59=$22.26  (I wasn't sure on the total when multiplying in my head, so I added an extra to make sure I hit $20!)  So I paid $7, and got a $5 catalina to use on my next trip.  Like getting 14 gravy cans for $2!! Definite stockup price!  I will probably go back this weekend to get a few more items in the catalina, and use the $5 off on them.  Here are the current shelf prices/sale prices of the included items.  Remember, ymmv, so check the shelf price so you hit the $20 mark.  You might want to take a calculator!

Prego $2.59/$1.88
Campbells Chunky Soup $2/59/$1.50
Campbell's Gravy $1.59/50cents
Campbell's Condensed Soup $1.79/$1
V8 Fusion$3.99/$2.50
Post Raisin Bran $3.99/$3
Post Pebbles $3.99/$3
Post Honey Bunches of Oats $3.49/$3
Swanson Broth $3.19/$2
PopSecret $3.99/BOGO $3.99
Emerald Nuts $5.99/$2.99
Spaghettios $1.09 or $1.59/35% off

You can factor in coupons as well.  The catalina $20 total is BEFORE coupons and BEFORE sales, so just total up the shelf price to get to $20!!  Feel free to share your scenarios in the comments section so we can all copy!! 

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