Sunday, October 2, 2011

HOT Moneymaker on Cover Girl at Rite Aid!!

This week at Rite Aid, there is a spend $30 on participating P&G items, get $10 +UP.  Cover Girl cosmetics are included in this sale.  If you haven't gotten your hands on 4 P&G inserts, start scrounging now!  Use 4 of the $8/2 Cover Girl Face Cosmetics to buy 8 concealers at ~$5.50.  4 will be $2.75 with the 50% off sale.  Total will come to $33.00.  Use (4) $8/2 Cover Girl P&G coupons from 10/2.  New total will be ~$1.00.  You will then get a $10 +UP reward, for a net profit of $9.00!!!

Hurry out to do this now!  Get inserts from your friends or neighbors!  Even if you have to buy 2-3 extra papers, you will still profit off this deal!

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