Saturday, October 8, 2011

Missing matchups and an explanation

Ugh. I've was hit with the stomach bug last night.  I barely made it off the couch today!  After all day of sleeping and drinking pedialyte (my son got hit with it, too), I am feeling better enough to leave this one post.  I never even made it to Price Chopper for my regular Saturday trip...hate seeing all those deals go to waste!

I will get the matchups on as soon as I feel better (keeping fingers crossed it will be tomorrow).  In the meantime, remember that all the drugstores post their weekly ads on Sunday, so head right to their site in the morning to check out the deals before you buy your papers!  There should be 2 coupon inserts in Sunday's paper; Columbus Day doesn't count as a no coupon holiday weekend!

Thanks for your patience, hope to be back with you all soon!

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