Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Price Chopper Trip, spent $1.79, saved $20.45!!

Went to Price Chopper for a quick trip after work today.  We didn't really need any groceries, but I had a few really good coupons close to expiring that I wanted to use up.  Here's what I bought:

1 can Resealable Lindsay Olives $2
2 BarS Jumbo Franks $1.29 ea, $2.58
1 Pennsylvania Dutch Noodle $2.49
2 ScotchBrite Sponges $1.74 ea, $3.49
5 Crave Cat Treats $1.25 ea, $6.25

Here's what I used:
Price Chopper Lindsay Olive q for 99 cents
Lindsay resealable olives manufactuer q- $1, Brought Olives total to FREE
BarS Franks manufacturer q- 75 cents off 2 (doubled), Brought BarS total to $1.08 for 2 packs
Pennsylvania Dutch Raincheck for $1.24
Pennsylvania Dutch manufacturer q $1, Brought Noodles to 24 cents
(2) ScotchBrite Sponges manufacturer q's 75 cents (doubled), Brought sponges to 49 cents for (2) 3-packs
(5) Crave Cat Treats manufacturer FREE q's= Brought cat treats to FREE
(my kitty loved me today!)

Total: $1.79 plus tax!  Wowza!

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