Monday, October 24, 2011

My Rite Aid Trip This Week!

I had 19.99 in +UPS from last week to use on this week's trip!

I got:
2 kerasal foot cream 99c
1 burts bees drops (raincheck) 0
RA brand pepto bismol (household needed it lol!) $2.69 w/ 10% off RA
1 u by kotex $1
zicam $7.99
2 Simply Saline Neti Pot $14.99 & 0 (BOGO)

$2 zicam IP

$2 zicam RA flu book q
$1 u kotex printable
$1 simply saline product

$19.99 +UPS
Total $2.66 plus tax!!!

I got $5+UP and $7+UP, plus $2 Kerasal SCR and $14.99 MIR from neti pot!!! Nothing like making money when you go shopping!

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