Saturday, October 15, 2011

New Target Mobile Coupons Available!

Target has released new mobile coupons.  They are:

-50 cents off 8oz Sour Patch or Swedish Fish candy
-$1 off 10.5 oz Reese's or 10.78 oz Kit Kat Bagged candy
-$2 off Cherokee Denim Bottom
-$1 off 10oz Hot Pockets Snackers Frozen Snack
-$1 off 3lb Bag Fancy Feast Gourment Gold dry cat food
-$3 off Jemma Kid, NP Set, or Pixi cosmetics item
-$3 off Citrucel fiber supplement
To get Target mobile coupons sent to your phone, visit HERE and register.  You need to have a phone with internet access.  Just open the internet page on your phone when you want to use a coupon, and have the cashier scan it.  Remember, Target mobile coupons are stackable with a manufacturer coupon!

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