Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Rite Aid Old Spice Bodywash Scenario, valid 11/30 ONLY!!

If you have a gentleman in your life that uses Old Spice Bodywash, have I got a deal for you. 

This week, when you spend $25 in select P&G products, you get a $5 +UP.

Here's the deal:

Buy 6 OS Bodywash, $4 each = $24
use 3 BOGO Old Spice coupons from 10/30 P&G (expire 11/30!!) = minus $12
use $1/2 Old Spice coupon (you can use this on the OS you are paying for since they are not free with a coupon) from 11/27 P&G = minus $1
Buy 1 Dawn $1, use 20cent or 50 cent Dawn from 11/27 P&G = 80 or 50 cents

Total: $11.50 or $11.80, get $5 +UP, like paying $1 for each body wash and 50 cents for Dawn.

This is a GREAT deal if you use a lot of the stuff!

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