Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Trip: GREAT clearance on shampoo or conditioner at CVS, saved $122.66, spent 32 cents!

When I tried the Head & Shoulders Deal yesterday, I saw some amazing clearance prices on the shelf.  I took some notes, and grabbed my coupons for another trip today.  Here is what I bought:

2 Herbal Essence $2.24 each (saved $2.25 each)
2 Head & Shoulders Extra Volume Shampoo $1.57 each (saved $4.72 each) *(This also produced a $2 ECB for each bottle!!)
1 Dove Shampoo $1.22 (saved $3.67)
4 Pantene big bottle, 25.4 oz shampoos $1.87 each (saved $5.62 each)
3 Pantene expressions shampoos $1.62 each (saved $4.87 each)
3 Pantene restore beautiful lengths shampoos $1.57 each (saved $4.72 each)
2 Pantene restore beautiful lengths conditioners $3.14 each (saved $3.15 each)
1 Beyonce Heat fragrance set $7.49 (saved $7.50)
2 caramels for 33 cents each (so I could use the ECB's...I was a few cents short!)

I used:
$5 Beyonce Heat (November All You)
$1 Dove (home mailer)
(6) $3/2 pantene (11/27 P&G, broke into 2 transactions as to follow the rule of 4 like q's)
$1/2 Herbal Essence (11/27 P&G)
$1/1 Head & Shoulders (P&G home mailer)
$14 in ECB

Total came to 32 cents plus tax!  And that my friends, is how to take advantage of a clearance sale!

My total savings after coupons and clearance sales was....$122.66!!


  1. And you couldn't buy double and give me half?

  2. But since u only got back (2)$2ecb u actually spent $10.32 plus tax... Still not a bad deal just take that into account when figuring savings..

  3. When I post spending, I only take into account what I pay in money. If someone wanted to copy this scenario, and did not have any ECB, their oop would be a little higher. The more ECB you accumulate, the lower the oop would be!

  4. Grant, if I bought Nexxus, I would have given you half. :)

  5. how did you get $14 in ECB for this deal? I am new at this.

    Thank you

  6. I accumulated the ECB during previous deals at CVS. You can usually use an ECB for a month before it expires. I shop CVS so much I end up with a lot! You can get ECB from weekly deals, from accumulating $50 in the CVS beauty club, and also from using a Green Bag Tag. See my "How to Shop at CVS post" for more info on CVS. You can see the rules at Rite Aid and Walgreens, also at

  7. Oh, I see now. I thought it was part of the deal when you buy those shampoos. I get it now. Thanks, still like your post! Will go shop now and see if they have anymore...

  8. Just came back from 2 24 hrs CVS, none had the special on Pantene Shampoo on clearance. Spoke with the manager and they told me it is probably the zone area. I guess its california!

  9. Aw, yes, all clearance is regional. Once, I had a bunch of friends that found huggies wipes on clearance. I waited and waited, and our price never droppes. Pantene is on sale this week though. Hope you got a decent deal anyway!

  10. Just checked, pantene will be 2.99 per bottle in CA starting Sunday. So if you have the 3 dollars off 2 coupon that comes in the paper this weekend, you can get them for 1.50 each. Also, when u spend 30 on certain products including pantene, you'll get a 10 dollar cvs card!
    Sample scenario: buy 10 for 29.90, use 5 3 off 2 coupons, pay 14.90, get 10 dollar cvs card! (Due to the wording on the coupon, u would have to buy 8 and use 4, and then buy 2 and use the last coupon.) My region has the pantene 3 for 9.99.

  11. got it. thanks! I still have about 10 pantene coupons that will expired today. Hopefully CVS will still honor it for tomorrow sales! Any advise on this?

  12. There are more of the3 off 2 coming tomorrow. Also call your localstore, some stores start their sunday sales on sat night!