Sunday, December 18, 2011

Rite Aid Beginner Transaction Ideas For Newbies

Do you want to get some good deals, but don't have very many coupons?  Not sure how to get started?  Here's a great way to try your hand at Rite Aid, no manufacturer coupons required.  You can spend about $5 out of pocket and walk away with over $20 merchandise!  Lots of great stocking stuffers are very cheap this week (candy, gum), as well as household goodies (soap, light bulbs).

The Video Value (VV) coupons I have linked to only require you to watch a quick (usually 30 seconds or less) video, and then print a coupon. No other manufacturer coupons are included in the following transactions.

Here is just one idea:

Transaction 1:
Lysol No Touch Soap System $7.99
-use $5 Lysol RA VV printable
2 Reeses Holiday Tree Candy 2/$1
-use $1/2 Reeses Holiday Candy RA VV printable
Pay $2.99, get $3 +UP

Transaction 2:
1 Orbit Gum $1
-use 25 cent Orbit gum RA VV printable
2 icebreakers minis 2/$3
-use 50 cents off 2 icebreakers RA VV printable
Subtotal $3.75
-use $3 +UP from lysol purchase
Pay 75 cents, get $1 +UP and $2 +UP

Transaction 3:
2 GE Extra Soft 4pk lightbulbs 2/$4
Subtotal $4
-use $1 +UP and $2 +UP from orbit and icebreakers
Pay $1, get $1 +UP

Transaction 4:
2 Snapples 88 cents each
-use $1/2 Snapple RA VV printable
1 Juicy Fruit Gum $1
Subtotal $1.76
-use $1 +UP from GE
Pay 76 cents, get $1 +UP

Transaction 5:
1 Orbit Gum $1
Subtotal $1
-use $1+UP from Juicy Fruit
Pay 0, get $1 +UP

Total cost of merchandise after sales are taken into account:  $20.75
Total cost out of pocket: $5.50, over 75 % savings!

You will also have $1+UP to use on your next shopping trip!

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