Tuesday, January 24, 2012

$4 Diapers at Price Chopper

Before I started couponing, I used to ONLY buy Pampers diapers.  I've gotten over it.  Now, I try to ONLY buy diapers when I can get a jumbo pack for $4 or less.  I will buy at $5 when I need them, and when they are less than $3.50, I get as many as I can with the coupons I have.  If I'm not too fond of the brand, I send them to the sitters for daytime use (save my beloved Pampers for the nighttime holding! LOL)

I mentioned a few days ago that you can sign up for the baby club magazines on Price Chopper's webpage (view that post info HERE)In the baby club magazine, there is a $3 off Price Chopper Diapers coupon.  Price Chopper diapers in my store are $7 as an everyday price, so if you have this coupon, you can get a jumbo pack for only $4 (which I consider a great deal).  I've also signed up my parents and in-laws, so I can use their coupons!  This is another great purchase to make to avoid the dreaded 50% mark, as this is the regular price.

Happy Shopping!

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  1. How many diapers are in each pack?