Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cheap Clearance Pull Ups at CVS!

I was just in my local CVS, where I have been eyeing the clearance Huggies Pull-Ups.  They are marked at 50% off the shelf price of $19.99.  However, after scanning them, they rang up at 75% off, or $4.99!!  Paired with the $2 coupon, they cost me only $2.99!  This is a RIDICULOUS price, so if your little one wears these, or will be soon, stock up now!  I bought 3 packs even though we are nowhere near potty-training yet!  (Remember to scan them, as they were not marked at $4.99!)

Good luck with this deal, and Happy Shopping!


  1. I tried my CVS and they were only 50% off (for some sizes). :-(

  2. Keep an eye out, they usually mark down on Tuesdays. Individual stores mark down at different times depending on their stock.