Wednesday, January 4, 2012

FREE Coke zero at Price Chopper! (and FREE Olay soap)

Coke Zero is on sale this week, 4 for $4.  The regular price is about $1.70  You can get either one bottle for FREE, or 4 bottles for 8 cents with the facebook coupon HERE.  If you have 2 facebook accounts for people you live with, you will be able to get 2 coupons, and the 99 cent coupon will double to $1.98 twice! 

*Note:  Price Chopper's policy is they will only double coupons up to 50% of your order.  So if you are going to do this deal, you need to have another $4 of merchandise in your basket for both of the coupons to double fully.  (I will get 4 bars of olay soap for $1, and use 4 of the $1 olay coupons from the P&G insert, and pay only 8 cents plus deposit for all 8 items!)  HAND OVER YOUR COUPONS TO BE DOUBLED FIRST.  Then hand over any non-doublers.

I posted the Olay deal a few weeks ago, but just in case you missed it, MOST stores carry a $1 Olay soap bar.  If you can find this in your store, you can use the $1 Olay soap coupon in the 1/1 P&G insert to get FREE soap!  (limit of 4 like coupons as stated on the coupon, so split up your transactions into no more than 4 bars at a time.)

Happy Shopping!

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