Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Free to Cheap Skinny Cow Candy at CVS

Skinny cow 6packs of candy are on sale at BOGO FREE at CVS this week!  Use the BOGO Free printable (click the nestle coupon tab in the top right), and get some FREE to cheap candy!  The coupon is for a free candy up to $3.48, so if your store's price is higher, you might end up paying $1 or so for 2 6-packs.  If your store has it for $3.48, you will get one for free with the sale, and one for free with the coupon!

This candy is FANTASTIC, and actually not that bad for you!  It's a great treat to keep on hand if you need to indulge but have started dieting!  (FEELS like its really bad, but it's only a LITTLE bit bad, lol.)

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