Thursday, January 26, 2012

How much does a couponer save?

A lot of people I know ask me if I can save 90% like they see on TV. In reality, I try to keep my grocery store saving to about 60-75% on a weekly visit. Occasionally if I buy a lot of meat or produce, it will be as low as 50%, and if I ONLY buy sale items, I've saved as much as 85%.

If you shop at drug stores (check out my how to shop drug stores tab above), you can pay less than $10 a week on health and beauty items.

If you are just starting out, your savings will not be that high. Shoot for about 30%. As you acquire more sale items, you will be able to limit your shopping trips to mainly sale items. Let me explain.

The first month I started seriously couponing, I was able to get 5-6 free toothpastes, and 4 packs of free razors. My husband didn't think it was 'working', because I still had to buy most of what we needed at a higher price. After a few months, I was able to find a deal on deodorant, shampoo, soap, toilet paper, and shaving cream! I 'bought' about 4 of each. After a few more months, I had a nice stock of every personal product we use, and a few extras. So I could only buy things when they were really cheap or free!

I also started getting items that were really cheap, even if we didn't need them. We used to only buy toilet paper when we were down to 2 rolls left. Now, if I find a 12 pack for less than $3, I grab 5 or 6, so that when we do run out, I'm not stuck shelling out full price.

The same technique applies to groceries, especially canned and boxed goods. I was able to get 20 gravies for about 10 cents each back in the fall. I also got great deals on boxed potatoes, and a bunch of free stuffing. We also have a bunch of boxes of pasta that I grabbed for free in August, and some pasta Sauce I got for 50 cents. So when we plan our weekly dinners, I can buy turkey cold cuts and have open turkey sandwiches and gravy, and buy mozzarella and have ziti. So two meals for the price of cheese and cold cuts! I'd also grab a few of whatever non-perishable food items were the best deals. Last week it was frozen garlic knots, tuna, and V8 juice. So we will add garlic bread to our pasta dinner this week, and have salad with tuna for another meal, only buying lettuce (I have lots of dressing stocked, also!)

The bottom line: start slow, and get a few of each good deal, so it will last you a few weeks. Your savings might not seem like much at first, but after a few weeks you should see a little difference, and after a few months you will see major savings!

Please post any questions or comments below. Happy Shopping!

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