Thursday, January 5, 2012

More Info for Rite Aid Shoppers

When I first started couponing at Rite Aid, I had no idea what I was doing.  There were all these programs that I didn't utilize.  One is the Wellness +Diabetes Program.  You do not need to have diabetes to take advantage of this program.  You enroll by joining at the pharmacy, and having the cashier scan the barcode during your next purchase.  The benefit to you is if you spend $50 in eligible products over the quarter (this one runs from 1/4-4/3), you earn a $10 +UP.  Many of the products are not specific to those with diabetes.  This quarter's eligible products are:

AIC Selfcheck
Advil Tablets and Caplets 100ct
Altoids Smalls Sugarfree Mints 50ct
Bayer Low Dose, 120ct and 300ct
Benefiber 62 Dose unflavored powder or Benefiber 28ct unflavored stick packs
Breeze 2 Meter
Colgate Total Gum Defense 5.8oz
Dex 4 Bits and Liquid
Diabetic Tussin Max 4oz
DiabetiDerm AntiFungal
DiabetiDerm Foot Cream
Eclipse Multipack Gum 36ct
Freedent 15ct
LifeSavers Sugarfree Bags 2.75oz
Listerine Cool Mint 1.5L
Multibetic Vitamins
Nature Made Diabetes Health 30ct
Nature Made Vitamin D 400IU, 90+10ct
Nature Made Women's Multi Vitamin, 50+90ct
Robitussin Peak Cold Liquid 4oz
Rite Aid Glucose Tablets and Lancets
Russel Stover Sugar Free Candy
Wrigley's Extra, Orbit and 5, Single and Multipack Gums
Zostrix Diabetic Foot

Once you register, your receipt will show a tracking of the total number of eligible products you have purchased.  Occasionally, I will feature a deal utilizing the +UPS you can earn from this program.  If you are not enrolled, and you buy $50 of eligible product, you will not get a +UP.  So register next time you go to Rite Aid!

Happy Shopping!

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