Sunday, January 15, 2012

Price Chopper Coupon Policy-50 Percent Rule

One of the most difficult things to understand about Price Chopper's coupon policy is the 50 percent rule. Price Chopper will only double coupons up to 50 percent of your total before savings, after that you will only get the value of the coupon.

If you are going to be saving a lot, you have to be strategic about what you buy and the order you hand over your coupons. Here is an example:

You buy 2 items.

Item A is 1 dollar shelf price
Item B is also 1 dollar shelf price
You have 2 coupons, one for 50 cents, and 1 for 1 dollar.
If you hand over the 50 cent coupon first, it will double to 1 dollar. Your total shelf price was 2 dollars, so you are now at 50 percent savings, or half the shelf price. You would then hand over the 1 dollar coupon to take off the second dollar, and your order would be free.
However, if you hand over the dollar coupon first, you are already at 50 percent (or half) savings from your 2 dollar shelf price total. When you hand over the 50 cent coupon, it will not double because you already saved 50 percent!

This becomes more complicated when there is a sale on the shelf price. for example, if you have only one item that costs 2 dollars and is on sale for 1.50, and you have a 75 cent coupon. The coupon will double to $1.00 only, since $1.00 is 50 percent (or half) of the $2.00 shelf price. You can avoid not having the coupon double if you add, say, two tomatoes for $1.00. Your new shelf total would be $3.00, and your coupon would double to $1.50, or the total price of your first item.  You'd get that item FREE, and pay $1 for the tomatoes. 

Whenever you are close to the 50 percent threshold, you can add a necessity like meat, fruit and veggies, or milk. You can also add items like the Olay Soap I bought today, which is 1 dollar regular price, and has a 1 dollar coupon, so it increases the shelf total without increasing your out-of-pocket. 

One other tidbit about the Price Chopper coupon policy...Price Chopper will only double 4 like coupons.  That means if you have (5) 50cent coupons for the same item, the first four will double to $1, and the fifth will only take off 50 cents.  To avoid this, complete two transactions, splitting your like items and like coupons into two groups.  When I first started couponing, I thought Price Chopper would only double four coupons of any type!  LOL.  They will double as many as you use up to the 50% mark, but only 4 that are for the same items (ie. 4 Chef Boyardee items and 4 Chef Boyardee cans).

The 50% rule is definitely the most confusing part of Price Chopper's coupon policy. I hope this clears up some of the confusion! 

Wn summary, hand over your doubling coupons first. when you have lots of savings from doubled coupons, add other non-sale necessities to beef up your total. Good luck, and Happy Shopping!

Please post any other comments about the Price Chopper Coupon Policy in the comments section, and I will do my best to get your questions answered as soon as possible!


  1. thanks, never knew this. will b useful in future

  2. NOW I get it! Now, to just explain it to the cashier that totally removed my coupons so I couldn't receive ANY savings over the 50% mark. THANKS!