Monday, January 2, 2012

Up2U coupon in 1/1/12 Smartsource

There is a HOT $1 off 1 Up2U gum that came out in this weekend's smartsource insert.  Last time that coupon was out, 2 or 3 stores offered Up2U gum for $1, and I was able to stock up for FREE!  If you are looking for a decent deal and really need gum, the everyday price at Walmart is $1.28 at most stores, so you can get a pack for 28 cents!

I still have a few packs left from the last sale, so I will be saving my coupons.  Don't worry, I will definitely let you know when you can get them for free somewhere!

UPDATE: It looks like Rite Aid will have the Up2U for $1 starting Jan 15th, so FREE with this coupon if you can wait!

Happy Shopping!

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