Thursday, January 5, 2012

Walgreens...Roll your RR's into next week for more freebies!!

'Rolling' Register Rewards at Walgreens is the best way to purchase items for free.  This week and next week offer a great opportunity to test this technique out.  This week Walgreens featured a few free after register rewards items.  If you purchased them, you can 'roll' them next week, spending almost nothing out of pocket!  Here's a scenario to try:

This week:
Transaction 1
Purchase Lichi Super Probiotic 30 ct, $9.99
Purchase MuscletechSmart Protein Bar $1.99
Pay $11.98 (Initially, you pay out-of-pocket, but you will use the register rewards from this purchase for as long as you can without using them up.)
Get $10 RR from Lichi, get $2 RR from Muscletech

Transaction 2
Purchase SAMe Mood, Joints, Liver Supplement $10
Purchase EOS Lip $2.99
Use $10 RR and $2 RR from transaction 1
Pay 99 cents
Get $10 RR from SAMe and $2 RR from EOS

(You could repeat these scenario another few times if there is enough product, adding a small filler item to transaction 1 to put you over the $12 mark, or you could stop and save the RR for next week. Either way, DON'T spend your RR on other products.  Save them for the sale starting 1/8.)

Next week, starting 1/8:

Purchase Syntha-6 Meal replacement bar $1.89
Purchase Kids Omega Smart Fish Oil 60ct with DHA $10
Purchase small filler to put you over $12 (no-nonsense knee highs are 29 cents, mentos are 39 cents)
Total: only the difference from the filler
Receive $1.89 RR from Syntha, and $10 RR from Kids Omega

Now you leave with $11.89 in RR (a net loss of 11 cents from your starting of $12 RR).  It would benefit you to buy the items for the week of 1/8, even if you don't want them, because it pushes your expiration date on the RR back another week.  The worst thing that can happen is your RR expires (it happens to all of us), so 'rolling' is a way to try out new products and lengthen the expiration of your RR!  Pretty good for all that product!  Hopefully there will be more great deals to 'roll' into on the 15th, I will post as soon as an ad-scan is released! 

Please post any questions about how 'rolling' works in the comments section.  Happy shopping!

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