Saturday, April 28, 2012

Alternative Uses For Stockpile Items

There are always some things that I end up getting for free or moneymakers, that I really am not that fond of, or, that I don't need a lot of.

I donate many items to my school, the food pantry, the women's shelter, and my school, but it seems like I always end up with extra of some things, and I don't like them filling up my stockpile.

Tis weekend, I found an alternative use for one of the most abundant items in my stockpile...Maxi Pads!

If you own a Swiffer, maxi pads offer a great alternative to buying the Swiffer pads! I was getting ready to clean our floors, but we were OUT of Swiffer pads! (they are never cheap or free, even with coupons). I was planning to just attach a washcloth somehow, when it dawned on me....maxi pads are sticky on the back, and absorbent and sanitary!

Well, needless to say my great idea worked! I was able to fit 2 across the bottom, and they stayed on the whole time! I may not buy any more Swiffer pads, since this worked so well!

What ideas have you had to use up your stockpile surplus items?

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