Tuesday, April 24, 2012

When to buy?

I have been talking to a lot of people lately who want to start saving money and couponing. One of the most common questions I get is,

How do I know when something is a good deal?

Well, there are a few general tips I can give you all.

If you are down to your last item of a product, you want to watch for either a sale, or use a coupon if you have one. The objective is NOT to pay full price.

If you happen to hit a sale AND have a coupon, even better! This is when you want to grab 2 or 3 of the item.

When you see an item at the lowest price you've seen in awhile (or ever), you want to stock up and get a bunch.

Should I ever pay full price?

Obviously it is virtually impossible to get a good deal on everything. The more items you have in your stockpile, the less you will have to pay more money for. But there are times I pay full price.

When someone in my house is sick, I'll pay full price for some items, like pedialyte, that we might not have in the house. I tend to grab these things at Rite Aid or Kinney Drugs, where I get 10% off when I buy store brand items.

The second time is when we need an ingredient for something we are cooking, like tomatoes for our salad. I will not drive all over the city to get the best deal on 2 tomatoes, when the closest grocery store is only 2 minutes away.

Finally, occasionally I will be in the car and realize I forgot my lunch or drink, and will have to stop at a drug store and grab a soup or drink.

Most of the time, with good planning, you will be able to buy things on sale or with a coupon. You won't get everything you need at a rock bottom price EVERY time. If you try to save a little on each item you purchase, and stock up on great deals, you will save a LOT.

What tips on saving would you like to share with other readers? What other questions would you like to see answered? Leave a comment below for all of us!

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