Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kinney Drugs, Solo Deal Available Again!

Did you miss out on the catalina and BOGO deal last week for Solo products? Forgot to get a rain check? Well, you can still get very cheap Solo plates and cups.

At my Kinney, Solo cups and plates are on sale for 88 cents. Buy 4 and get a $3 OYNO Catalina. If your store has the same sale price, here is your deal!

Buy 4 Solo Cups or Plates (9ct) at 88 cents
Pay $3.52
Get $3 OYNO

You can use the $3 OYNO to buy 4 more! Just 13 cents each! Not as good as free, but not too shabby!

Note: This price was not advertised in the ad, but there were red store tags on the shelf and the items did ring up for 88 cents. Ymmv as to whether they have the plates/cups for this price.

Happy Shopping!

PS. Get your rain check this time if you didn't last time. This catalina deal is good through 6/10.

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