Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Price Chopper Trip

I made a trip to Price Chopper last night, to use up some of my tripler coupons!  I completed 2 transactions, going out to my car and back in, in order to use 8 triplers instead of just 4.  I kept as much of my refrigerated/frozen part of the order for the 2nd transaction, but the second transaction was so small I was only inside for about 15 minutes.

Here is a breakdown for you.

Sunday I bought a $50 Mastercard from Price Chopper.  Price was $54.94 with activation fee.  I received a $10 oyno catalina coupon, which I will save for next week.  For today's transactions, I paid with the prepaid Mastercard.

Transaction 1:
3 Poland Spring Sparkling Water 89 cents each (saved 30 cents each), used $1/3 q tripled= zero. 
Total savings: $1.29 each, or $3.87
1 Capri Sun Package $2 (saved 79 cents)
1 PC Monterey Jack Brick Cheese $2 (saved 89 cents)
2 Packages Strawberries $1.99 each (saved $2 each)
1 Package Roma Tomatoes $2
1 PC Lite Italian Dressing $1.69, used PC FB coupon for 25 cents (saved $1.44)
1 Barilla Marinara Sauce $2.79, and 1 Barilla Pasta $1 (saved 59 cents), used $1/both tripled= 79 cents/both
Total savings: $3.59
2 Dole Fruit with Jello Bowls $2.79 each, used $1/2 tripled= $1.29 each
Total savings: $3
2 Paseo Facial Tissue $1.49, used $1/2 tripled= zero.
Total savings: $2.98

Total Paid: $16.75 (on prepaid Mastercard)
Total Saved: $34.34

Transaction 2:
2 Ballpark Meat Franks $3.99 & BOGO, (saved $3.99), used $1/2 tripled= 99 cents/2
Total savings: $6.99
2 Marzetti Simply Dressed $3.99 & BOGO, (saved $3.99), used $1/2 tripled= 99 cents/2
Total savings: $6.99
Alexia Sweet Potato $3.89, used $1 tripled= 89 cents
Total savings $3
McCain Sliced Potatoes $2.69, used $1 tripled=zero. (added this in at the last second...see mistake below!)
Ground Beef $5.94
Ground Turkey $4.00
El Monterey Taquitos $5 (saved $1.99)
Total savings: $2.99 
*Note: I mentally counted wrong.  I had (5) $1 coupons with my triplers, and I didn't realize until after my total came higher than I expected that I added an extra $1 coupon item!  This would only have been $2 instead of $5 if I used my tripler with it.  My cashier forgot to ring the $1 coupon I had, also...I LOVE LOVE El Monterey, so I took the loss just this once  :) 

Total Paid: $19.06 (should have been $16.06 if I had my El Monterey tripler instead of getting the McCain)
Total Saved: $23.60

I still have about $15 left on my Mastercard, and a $10 oyno to use next time I go shopping!  I am thinking of doing one last tripler q trip at the end of the week...maybe for some bread and more meat and produce!

What did you get with your triplers?

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