Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Price Chopper Weekly Trips Series

I plan to make 5 trips to Price Chopper this week.  I was able to get ahold of 5 sets of triplers, and since I can use 3 per day, I am going to stop quickly after work for the whole week.  (Made my first trip yesterday!)  Each day, I'll post a picture of what I bought, along with coupons used and my total.  I hope this gives you some ideas of what to get this week! 

Here was my shopping list of things we NEED this week.  (We rarely NEED more than produce or meat.)  I'd like to keep my total this week below $50.  Normally I make 1, maybe 2 trips a week, so this will be an interesting way of doing things!

Tissues (down to our last box)
Paper cups (summer is here, lots of BBQs in the future!)
Quick Breakfast foods (granola bars, biscuits, toast, etc)

Here is what I bought:


5 Scotties Tissues, $1 each (saved 49 cents each)
=$5 (used $1/5 from 5/13 RP, and Tripler)
2 Packs Pepperidge Farm Cinnamon Swirl Bread $2.99 (saved $1.30 each)
=$5.98 (used $1/2 from 3/25 SS, and Tripler)
2 Dynamo $1.99 (saved $2 each)
=$3.98 (used $1/2 from 2/26 SS, AND $1.50 off ANY laundry item PC iSave coupon)
Hefty EZ Grip Cups $1.49 each (saved $1.50 each)
=$2.98 (used $1/2 from 5/13 SS, and Tripler)
Total: $6.46, saved $23.50


3 Belvita Breakfast Biscuits $2.99 each (saved 70 cents each)
=$8.97 (used (3) $1 Belvita, and (3) Triplers
4 Pantene $3.33 each (saved 96 cents each)
=$10.32 (used (2) BOGO Pantene from 4/29 P&G and (1) $3/2 Pantene from 5/13 P&G)
1 Head Lettuce $1 (price cut through July)
1 6oz Blueberries $2.99
=$2.99 (used $1.50 Blueberries PC facebook q)
2 Eveready Gold AA Batteries $1.59 each (saved $1.60 each)
=$3.18 (used (2) $1 Energizer from 4/22 SS)
Total: $7.33, saved $31.27, get $5 oyno catalina from P&G (like paying $2.33 for all!)

Running Total: $13.79 spent, $54.77 saved (earned $5 in oyno's)

Stay tuned for details from tomorrow night's trip!!

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