Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Updated Watermelon Deal at Price Chopper

Looks like the Whole watermelons are on sale for just $2.99 at Price Chopper, starting 5/25 (through 5/28).

Hannaford has released another produce coupon, this time for $2 off a whole watermelon! Just go HERE to view and print!

This makes a whole watermelon only 99 cents!
Happy Shopping!

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  1. I tried to use the hannaford stawberry cpn at S Utica PC and was told that they could not match it because they were not considered a competitor !! Hope i have better luck in N utica!

  2. I would call and ask customer service and a manager which stores are considered competitors. There is a Hannaford in New Hartford, 5 minutes from PC, so I'm not sure who they would consider to be their competitors. I know my usual New Hartford PC accepts competitor coupons from Hannaford, Target, Walmart, and Aldi's, but they are all within a few hundred yards of the store.

  3. I just called them for you! They said their competitors are Save A Lot and Chanatry's. To use the coupon, your best bet would be the New Hartford store.

    Hope that helps! (She said something about a 1 mile radius??)