Monday, June 4, 2012

How do You Include Your Family While Couponing?

Reader Jen sent me the cutest photo of her daughter 'helping' her with her coupons!  She said this has become a Sunday ritual for the two of them...her daughter doesn't read yet, though!

You are probably thinking..."Does she really trust her with those?"  Not to worry!  Jen was smart enough to save her expired coupons for her daughter to 'clip' while she organizes her own!

She also tells me that her little one accompanies her on her shopping trips, and has her own 'change purse' to hold as well as her 'own' stack of coupons!  She might be the littlest saver yet!  Great story, Jen! 

How do you include your family when you coupon, or do you choose not to?  Send me a note or picture; I'd love to share more ideas!

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