Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Hot Price Chopper Produce Scenario!

I was able to complete a fabulous produce trip at Price Chopper yesterday, ymmv on whether they accept all the coupons I used. I have a Hannaford next door, and my store took a $5/$20 with a $2/$20 competitor, which some stores/cashiers will not allow.

I purchased:

EarthBound Farms Strawberries $3.99
Blueberries $1.99
2 Heads Iceberg Lettuce $1 each
2 lb. Bananas 59 cents/lb. or $1.23
6 ears corn $2.88
7 Plum tomatoes $1.99/lb, $3.04
7 plums $1.99/lb (my kids love these) $3.10
Pkg Mini Cucumbers $1.99

subtotal: $20.22

I used:

$2/20 Hannaford coupon
75 cents Earthbound Farms Product, doubled (must register first)
$1/6 ears corn Hannaford coupon
$5/$20 Price Chopper Produce coupon

Final cost: $10.72, almost 50% produce savings!

FYI I gave the Hannaford $2/$20 first, the 75 cent doubler next, the $1 Corn third, and the $5 produce last. I also had a bunch of other non-produce Items in my order. :)

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