Friday, July 6, 2012

List of $1 Printables to Use With Doublers at Price Chopper!

Here are a list of all the printable coupons for $1, which will double next week at Price Chopper.  Double your savings on the items you need.  Print yours now, as coupons disappear at the drop of a hat!  I will be making a trip to PC this weekend, to find the shelf prices of all the items that match these coupons, and will hopefully post it sometime Sunday.  In the meantime, if anyone sees/knows the shelf price of the items that match a $1 coupon, please share with us!

SAVE $1.00 on one (1) package of Butterball® Sub Starters Lunchmeat

SAVE $1.00 on any one (1) Birds Eye® Voila!® Product
SAVE $1.00 on any ONE (1) Kikkoman marinade

SAVE $1.00 on any TWO (2) Alexia® Frozen Items (any variety)

Save $1.00 on any 2 Garden of Eatin' Tortilla Chips products (3oz or larger)

Save $1.00 on any 2 NABISCO Cookies or Crackers

SAVE $1.00 on any one (1) package of Weight Watchers® Chicken Breasts, Tenders or Burgers

Save $1.00 on any 16.9 or 18oz ACT® Anticavity Kids Fluoride Rinse

Save $1.00 on any 18oz or 33.8oz ACT® Sensitive Formula Mouthwash
Save $1.00 On your purchase of any one (1) box of Playtex® Gentle Glide® tampons 18 count or larger

SAVE $1.00 Off Any BENADRYL® TOPICAL Product

SAVE $1.00 Off Any VISINE® .5 fl oz. or larger or VISINE® Soothing Wipes Product

$1.00 off when you buy THREE 24.5 oz Jars of DOLE® All Natural Fruit in 100% Juice
$1.00 off when you buy any TWO Knorr® Homestyle Stocks

1.00 off two Gerber Organic baby food

$1.00 off when you buy any SIX cans of Mighty Dog® brand dog food

$1.00 off when you buy any TWO 3 lb or larger bags of Purina® Kitten Chow® or Purina® Cat Chow®

$1.00 off when you buy any ONE Snausages® brand dog snacks

$1.00 off when you buy any ONE 4.5lb or larger bag of Purina® Chef Michael's®

$1.00 off when you buy any FIVE Balance Bar® Singles (1.76 oz)

$1.00 off when you buy any TWO Carnation® Breakfast Essentials™ No Sugar Added
SAVE $1.00 off any TWO (2) packages of Vanity Fair® napkins

$1.00 OFF TUMS® freshers™ (50ct.)

1.00 OFF any TWO (2) packages of Land O’Frost Premium

$1.00 off any 2 Welch's Sparkling Juice Cocktails

$1.00 off (1) One NEW So Delicious Almond Plus

$1.00 off 2 Weight Watchers Smart Ones Desserts

$1.00 off 1 IHOP at Home Hearty Breakfast Bowl

$1.00 off any ONE (1) Yosicle™ product

$1.00 off Reser's American Classics 3 lb Salad

$1.00 off IHOP at Home French Toast Breakfast

$1.00 off 1 Jamba All Natural Frozen Smoothie Kit

$1.00 off LLOYD'S Tubs or BBQ

$1.00 off 2 HORMEL Bacon Toppings


$1.00 off (4) LEAN CUISINE Varieties, 5-16 oz

$1.00 off ONE MorningStar Farms Veggie Foods

$1.00 off 1 Weight Watcher Cheese product

$1.00 off 1 package of Butterball Turkey Burgers

$1.00 off 2 General Mills Kid Cereals

$1.00 off TWO Breyers products

$1.00 off TWO Cocoa Pebbles cereals

$1.00 off one Campho-Phenique Product

$1.00 off any Citracal
$1.00 Off any One A Day Multivitamin product


$1.00 off one Bronkaid product

$1.00 off PHILLIPS' Laxative Product

$1.00 off Ocean Nasal Saline product

$1.00 off Extend Nutrition Products

$1.00 off on any one (1) Vanquish Product

$1.00 off LACTAID Dietary Supplement
$1.00 off any Glade Expressions refill

$1.00 off Comet Cleaning Product

$1.00 off on any Comet Stainless Steel

$1.00 off On the Purchase of Spot Shot Pet Aeroso

$1.00 off Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist
$1.00 off One (1) Soft Scrub Spray Product
$1.00 off Garnier Fructis shampoo or conditioner

$1.00 off L'Oreal Paris Sublime Sun Sunscreen

$1.00 off any Banana Boat Sun Care
$1.00 off any Sally Hansen Nail Color Product

$1.00 off any ONE Milk-Bone Trail Mix dog snacks

$1.00 off Cat's Pride cat litter

$1.00 off two (2) Cesar Cookie Crunchies

$1.00 off any TWO (2) Pounce Cat Treats

*Note:  Some Price Chopper cashiers will not double internet $1 coupons.  I have never had a problem with this.  If you have been denied in the past, check with a cashier when you enter, and go to that same cashier when you check out!  I have verified with customer service that they do, indeed, double them, but sometimes it depends on the day, time, and whether the sun is out or its raining! :)

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