Friday, July 27, 2012

Prices and Update on the Hannaford OYNO Catalina

After doing a little research, here is what I can tell you about the Hannaford OYNO catalina starting Sunday 7/29.

For every 4 My Essentials or Hannaford products you buy, you will get a $1 OYNO catalina back.  Buy 8 items, get a $2 OYNO, buy 12, get a $3 OYNO, etc. (In school, I would tell my students this is an input/output function!)  :)

Here are the shelf prices for the cheapest Hannaford and My Essentials items at my store, from low to high.

Note: Some stores have individual soda cans for 3/$1, but last time they did not work on the catalina, so I am not including them in this price list.

The absolute best deal to do is the Tomato Sauce Deal.
Buy 4 Tomato sauce at 34 cents, pay $1.36, get $1 OYNO
You can then try the biscuits 4 at 39 cents, $1.56, minus the $1 OYNO from first transaction, pay 56 cents, get another $1 OYNO.  You can do this with any 4 Hannaford/My Essentials items listed below.  I would advise you not to do more than 2 transactions at a time, as stores are likely not to offer promotions like this if people do 56 transactions in a row! LOL 

Price List 
Tomato sauce 34 cents
3.75oz Buttermilk Biscuits 39 cents
Tomato Paste 44 cents
Salt 44 cents
8oz Canned Beans, Corn, Peas 45 cents
7.5oz Homestyle or Buttermilk Biscuits 50 cents
Yogurt cups 50 cents
Boxed Mac & Cheese 50 cents
Frozen Single Burritos 50 cents
14.5oz Canned Beans, Corn Peas, 59 cents
Canned Spaghetti Rings 59 cents
Taco Seasoning 59 cents
Baking Soda 59 cents
Gravy Mixes 59-69 cents
15oz Tomato Sauce 62 cents
Tomato or Chicken Noodle Soup 62 cents
9oz Yellow Mustard 62 cents
Canned Dog food 65 cents
Canned Whole/Diced/Stewed/Chopped Tomatoes 68 cents
8oz Boxed Pasta Varieties 69 cents
Canned Beets, Carrots 69 cents
Canned Ravioli, Spaghetti 74 cents
8oz Pineapple 79 cents
Box Flavored Rice or Pastas 79 cents
6oz Ice Cream/Frozen Yogurt Cups 79 cents
Dip/Dressing Packets 79 cents
Canned Chicken/Beef Broth 89 cents
Frozen Pizzas 89 cents
Pot Pie 89 cents
Tuna 89 cents
1 roll Bath Tissue 89 cents
Canned Fruit 89 cents
Cider Vinegar 89 cents
Baked Beans 89 cents
Instant Boxed Potatoes 89 cents
51 count Foam Cups 95 cents
26oz Pasta Sauce 95 cents
10oz Frozen Veggies 99 cents

Another idea would be to start with 40 cans of tomato sauce at $13.60, get $10 OYNO.  Use the $10 for your second transaction, and so on, and so forth, to get more at a time if you so choose.  Or do a transaction with any 40 items, then reduce the next by a little, and keep reusing your OYNO catalinas each time you visit the store!

I hope that is enough to give you some ideas!  Please fill in and comment with any other cheap items you find in your store!  (Remember prices vary by store and location.)

Happy Shopping!

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