Friday, August 31, 2012

My Rite Aid Trip!

I had a great trip to Rite Aid this week!  I was able to purchase all of the above for 52 cents plus tax.  I utilized some of my previous UPS to purchase the items, and was able to replenish most of them!  (I had $34 in UP rewards to use on this trip).  I was very lucky that my store had so much Minute Maid!  They had a whole endcap full of juice boxes, otherwise I would have mixed and matched with the Yoohoo and Hawaiian Punch, and I was able to leave a bunch on the shelf for others as well.

Here is what I did:

15 Minute Maid Juice 4pks at 80 cents each (gold)= $15
1 Notebook 29 cents
1 Crest Prohealth $4.99
1 Crest Prohealth $4.23 (gold)
1 Stayfree Maxi $3
1 Aussie Shampoo $3
1 HE Conditioner $3
Saved $11.63 with Wellness card sales
Subtotal: $27.51

Coupons used:
BOGO Crest (auto-deducted $4.99)
$2 Stayfree
$3/2 Aussie or HE Products
$1 Crest ProHealth Rite Aid Oral Health q
$16 in +UP rewards

Total: 52 cents plus tax

I received:
(2) $4 Crest UPS
$2 Aussie/HE UP
$4 Minute Maid UP
$1 Stayfree UP
Total: $15 UPS, for a net loss of $1 in UPS for all the product above!

Total savings: $38.62

This was a great trip, that allowed me to 'roll' all of my ups that were expiring on 9/2!

How did everyone do this week?  Please email me a pic and the details of your trip to feature on this site!  lovinthosecoupons @ (remove the spaces)

Happy Shopping!

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