Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Double-Dip Rite Aid Trip!

Rite Aid had a few AWESOME double dips this week!  Here is what I bought, and the coupons I used:

12 Gatorade 4/$5=$15.00
Bayer EZ Contour Meter $9.99-$10 flu book q= 1 cent moneymaker
4 230 cout RA Tissues 2/$4=$8
Preparation H Totables=$3.99- $1 manu q
Ritz Crackers=45 cents w/ gold discount (needed to get my total above $26 to use all my UPS)
Subtotal: $26.43
I used: $26 in previous +UPS
Total: 43 cents
I received $4, $2, $2, $2 all from Gatorade, $5 from Bayer Contour, $2, $2, $1 all from Tissues, and $3 from Preparation H, or $23 in UPS (net loss of $2 in UPS!)

How did you do this week?

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