Saturday, November 10, 2012

My Price Chopper Trip $3.51 (and How to Use a Raincheck!)

I made a last-minute run to Price Chopper today, and was able to use my $2 off a $15 PC items coupon from the PC Cheers Mailing, for a GREAT deal!

Here are the details, and my tip on how to use (hold on to) a raincheck.

The coupon required me to spend $15 in PC products, so I made sure my pre-coupon total was $15.
4 PC Thin Spaghetti, $1 each=$4
2 PC Fries, $2 each (reg $2.29)=$4
PC Butter $2.55
PC Cranberry Sauce $1 (reg $1.29)
PC Waffles $1.66 (reg $2.23)
PC Shredded Cheese $2.50 (reg $2.79)
Subtotal: $15.71 (saved $1.79 with advantedge savings)
I used:
$2/$15 Price Chopper brand coupon (handed over first)= -$2
35 cent Butter coupon DND (cashier manually doubled it)= -70 cents
PC Butter mailing coupon= -67 cents
(2) 50 cent PC french fries (i-save machine)= -$1
PC Cran sauce facebook q= -32 cents
RAINCHECK PC pasta 2/$1= -$2
PC Shredded cheese facebook q= -51 cents
Saved: $7.20
New Subtotal: $8.51
Submit for $5 NBPR frozen foods rebate (waffles and french fries)
Total: $3.51 for everything above!

I handed over these coupons, with the $2 off $15 PC purchase FIRST, to make sure my total hit $15.  This was the perfect time for me to use my raincheck, since it kept my required PC brand purchase at $15, but deducted an additional $2 AFTER my purchase requirement was met!  PC rainchecks are good for 1 month, so I will sometimes wait a week or two before using them, to see if a good match will come up (sometimes there are OYNO or gas catalinas that will still work even after a raincheck is entered!)

There is still time to enter and win your own $5 NBPR frozen food rebate, just go HERE and leave a comment to enter!  Entries will be accepted until Sunday evening!

How did you do this week?

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