Friday, November 23, 2012

My Second Walgreens Trip, Spent $5.75, Saved $354.00

After receiving a bunch of $10 off of $35 purchase coupons yesterday, I couldn't resist making another trip to Walgreens today.  I did 7 transactions with the best cashier ever (I will be completing a survey telling Walgreens how great he was), and since it was the second day of the sale and the store had plenty of stock, the manager let me buy what I wanted (I didn't get more than 3 of any item).

Here is what I bought:

Food/Health & Beauty- (the most useful/needed items were 4 granola bar packs, 2 24-bottled water, 4 cans tuna, and 2 cans chicken broth.)


Toys for Christmas- (sorry the pic is dark, I took them upstairs quickly to hide them!)  I bought a Mickey Mouse Drum Set, Floor Piano, Cars Beanbag Toss, Hot Wheels Ramp and Car, Cash Register, and 2 Lunchboxes with Puzzles inside!

Other Holiday Items- (K-cup holder, 2 boxes of lights)  I also bought 20 small gift bags, but forgot to put them in the picture!

Over the two days, I spent less than $10 plus tax, and saved over $650!  This is the best Walgreens run I have ever done!  I ended up with 9 toys for my son, 2 for my daughter, 1 for my 3 year old cousin, 1 for my husband, and all the stocking stuffers we need!

My Holiday Shopping for my son is complete.  I also found a bubble lawn mower, plastic ball & bat, and large dumptruck on clearance at Rite Aid this year, paid for with +UPS.  He will have 12 great presents under the tree, and I spent less than $5 on everything!  My daughter, who is a little tougher to buy for, now has 4 presents, the two Little Petshop items from Thursday's trip, plus a new pool float and a Connect Four game (both found on summer clearance).  I am hoping to grab some trendy tops and accessories for her with some of the upcoming retail deals.

I feel blessed to be able to provide a tree full of gifts for my children, on a tight budget.  Feel free to share any tips you have on buying gifts on a budget in the comments section!

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