Friday, November 23, 2012

My Walgreens Run Spent $3.55, Saved $309!!!

I made a run to Walgreens yesterday, before our Thanksgiving dinner, and had a fantastic time!  All in all, I completed 5 transactions.  I started with $20 in points to spend, and left with $25 in points/RR.  I will try to roll those today, along with the $10 off $35 coupons that printed with a few of my transactions.  Here are the pictures of what I bought!

Above is what I bought in my first 4 transactions.  I had $45 in RR/points when I finished these transactions.  My store limited everyone to 2 of each RR deal.

I decided to spend $20 in RR on some toys (see above), saving $25 for my $10 off of $25 coupons.  All in all, I spent just $3.55 plus tax, with a savings of $309!  To view the coupon matchups for the Walgreens Black Friday ad, just go HERE.

How did you do at Walgreens?

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