Sunday, November 4, 2012

Rite Aid Jesse's Girl Double Dip!

Looking for some cheap stocking stuffers?  This week, select Jesse's Girl cosmetics are buy $15, get a $7 UP.  Some are also buy $10, get a $5 UP (monthly).  I tested out this deal this morning to see if it would double dip, and sure enough, it did!

If you are at gold or silver, make sure to hit the $15 mark off discount price (not shelf price), otherwise the $7 will not print.  Here is what I bought with my gold discount:

8 lip and eye liners $1.99 each (discount $1.59)- They each had a sharpener in their cap!
1 flavored lip gloss (discount $2.39)
Subtotal: $15.11, get a $5 UP and a $7 UP!
Total: $3.11 for all 9 items!

I am not sure exactly which items are included in both offers.  The lip and eye liners, single eye shadows, and lip glosses were the only items tagged at the store I went too, and I didn't want to 'guess' and play around with nail polish, lipstick, etc.  If you see other items tagged for both weekly and monthly deals, please share so we all know what specific items are included!

Happy Shopping!

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