Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Rite Aid Libman Cleaners Double Dip!

I LOVE Rite Aid double dips!  There is yet another double dip to take advantage of this week.  Many options are available, so here are the details:

Libman Cleaning products are BOGO50% off.  There is also a $5 UP wyb $15 (weekly), along with a bunch of monthly UP deals on select products.

I bought the Libman Wonder Mop for $13.99 (tagged with a $5 monthly UP), and a Dish Scrubber, 50% off $1.74(tagged with a $1 monthly UP). 

Total came to $15.73, so I also received a $5 weekly up, so $11 in UPS total!  Just $4.73 for a new mop and dish scrubber!

Not all products were tagged with a monthly deal, so check carefully.  Total needs to be $15 (after the 50% off) for the double dip to work.

Happy Shopping!

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