Coupon binders

Many Extreme Couponing shows are featuring shoppers with couponing binders.  A binder is an efficient way to organize and carry the coupons you clip into the store with you.

I have a Mead five star 3 inch vinyl zip up binder for my coupons.  Inside, I keep envelopes labeled with the stores I shop in.  Inside each I put the store coupons and previous dollar off printouts I will use at the stores.  Before a shopping trip, I put the other manufacturer coupons I plan to use in the envelope as well.  The first thing in my 3-ring holder is a pencil case.  I keep any clipped coupons I have not had time to file in the case, as well as a pair of scissors. (I once tried to hand-tear a coupon and ripped it!  Now I always carry scissors!)

The rest of my binder is organized by the aisles at the grocery store I shop at most frequently, Price Chopper.  I use plastic baseball card holders to put the clipped coupons in, and they are divided into the following categories in this order:
Personal Care Products
Paper Products/Food Storage
Beverages (except coffee and milk)
Cereal/Breakfast food (including coffee)
Baked goods
Boxed/Canned foods
Baking Supplies
Cleaning Supplies/Household Goods
Frozen Foods
Miscellaneous (I keep restaurant coupons here)

As I shop, I can flip through the pages aisle by aisle in case I see an item on clearance or at a really good price that was not in the weekly ad.  Or, if I grab a blinkie or two (click HERE for an explanation), I can file it right away in its proper spot.

You may not need a binder when you are first starting out, but when you accumulate coupons for a few weeks, it is so much easier to locate one when it is filed neatly in your binder!

I go through my binder once or twice a month to pull out the expired coupons.  It gets so full I have to make room for new ones!